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Michigan Mug - Monarch Butterfly

Mac Bridge Mug

Monarch Butterfly Michigan Mug
Now includes the legend of the Monarch Butterfly on a card!
(Supplies of this mug are limited)

Each mug is $15
Shipping - $5 add'l
The following legend comes on a small card
with the Monarch Michigan Mug:

The Legend of Monarch Butterflies:

Monarchs spend their winter in Pacific Grove, California. Then they fly 2,000 miles north into Canada to spend their summer, where they breed and die. Their offspring return to Pacific Grove each fall, to the same forest, to the very same trees. The migration of salmon or geese is amazing, but we can imagine their being guided along familiar paths by their memory, ocean currents, or the stars. Monarch butterflies also know exactly where they are going. However, it is to a place they’ve never been.

Adapted from Charles Kuralt

Fine pieces of art take extra care!
Remember to keep your full color Michigan Mugs
out of direct sunlight and to hand wash only!

Michigan Mugs also come with an "About the Artist" card.

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Michigan Mugs - "Useable Art"
by Michigan Artist Maggie LaNoue

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