Michigan Mugs

From Michigan....For you!

Born and raised in Michigan, we know that the mitten lives in every Michigander’s heart and that we all enjoy showing our love for our wondrous state. From the tip of the U.P., down to the Eastern corner, there is something that speaks to everyone. What better way to express that, than with a personalized mug to hold onto during your travels?!

At Michigan Mugs, we are meticulous, and strive to ensure every customer gets exactly what they want. Whether you belong to a Jeep Club that likes to take Sunday cruises or a family reunion on the farm, we can customize any mug to fit your needs. Personalized with names, pictures, engraving, and more!

Our company is family-owned and operated right here in Southwest Michigan and established in 2018. Like many Michiganders, we enjoy soaking up days in the sun and catching the first runs on the slopes. We spend endless nights around campfires and live for the dirt tracks and fast bikes with our friends and family. The best way for us to keep our cups from being taken by others, or getting confused about who’s cup is whose, is by personalizing them for each of us. They also make for a great conversational piece when someone asks, “where did you get that?!”

Much like you, each mug has a story, let us help you tell it.

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